Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candle and Big D

I do have some guilt for having edited Kendall out of this one...but as an homage, you can still see her foot 

like a spy staking out her prey...


let's play with leaves....

Right here are two of my FAVORITE girls.

(in the rather sexy trenchcoat that she once wore with nothing underneath)
Gives off that sweet little innocent girl vibe... until you get into her car, and then you realise she is one GANGSTER MOFO.
She also happens to make the best jokes about the periodic table and giggles to herself about things that we don't understand, but we love her anyway.

(the other one, wearing her 'vampire outfit')
Blonde Bombshell.
"The judgmental friend"
The closest she ever came to crying was when we were forced to play flag football.
It was really hard to catch her not smiling during the shoot.


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